Get involved

Get involved

Saving a life has been described as a feeling unlike anything else. The amazing thing is many of us have the power to do so because we carry it within us.

The simplest way to get involved is to register as a donor. It’s quick and painless.

Alternatively, you may choose to donate financially. Fundraising ensures that we’re able to perform our tasks to the best of our ability. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to get the word out and to organise registration drives to encourage sign-ups.

Or get active and join the Race Against Blood Cancer team. We are always looking for individuals who are ready to make a huge difference by helping to raise funds and awareness, along with joining our Community Engagement Team. This team is critical to our success, as they are responsible for the coordination and fulfilment of donor registration drives.

What's coming...

If we aren't raising funds or hosting donor drives we are always spreading awareness - why not get involved with the up coming events below.


Previous events

Take a look at all the past events where we are raise valuable funds, driven donor signs up and rasied awareness



The donor process - learn more

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What can I do to help? You can help save a life in 1 of 4 ways - find out more
Donor register
It takes just a few minutes to sign up & help fight blood cancer
Get involved
With campaigns & fundraising events that help save lives
Donate funds
Please make a donation so we can get the message out there
Raise awareness
Help us show how big the problem is & how easy the solution