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Race Against Blood Cancer

Blood cancer sufferer Dennis loses his battle against acute myeloid leukaemia

It is with tremendous sadness that our partners DKMS announced the passing of Dennis; a loving husband, father and a courageous fighter of blood cancer.

Since his diagnosis in January, Dennis, his family and our partners fought incredibly hard against a resistant form of acute myeloid leukaemia but sadly the battle was lost last week as a blood stem cell match was not found for him in time.

All of us at Race Against Blood Cancer send our deepest condolences to Dennis’ family and friends as this difficult time – hearing news like this really does bring home the importance of the work we’re doing to try to increase the volume and diversity of the register so EVERY patient has an equal chance of finding a donor.


Race Against Blood Cancer

The inspirational Joe Thompson

From a second blood cancer diagnosis to scoring the winning goal for Rochdale AFC – introducing the inspirational Joe Thompson

Fantastic interview where Joe Thompson discusses his winning goal for Rochdale AFC which saved his club from relegation. This was just a few months after returning to his club after a grueling period of treatment following his second blood cancer diagnosis.

Joe Thompson is a massive inspiration to many people currently battling with the disease and has now been nominated for a prestigious global award for his sporting efforts. You’ve definitely got our vote Joe! ?


Andrew Lloyd organises Madeley Cricket Club F.C. reunion

Race Against Blood Cancer would like to thank Andrew Lloyd for organising the charity football reunion on Friday 29th December for Madeley Cricket Club FC.

Many of those who do so much for the charity had all played together for numerous years and it was great for them to get back together after nearly 10 years since they stopped playing.

Madeley Cricket Club F.C. reunion
Madeley Cricket Club F.C. 10 year reunion photo

Just like the old days it was back to the Cricket Club after the footy for food and several beers! We would like to say a special thank you to Madeley Cricket Club for their kind donation, and also massive thank you to Amber Davies for cooking food for 28 starving men!

The event which was a great success with over £300 raised for the charity, and plans now underway to organise the next one!

Alex Morrison talking to the Huffington Post

Our Community Engagement Team lead Alex Morrison talks to the Huffington Post

Alex Morrison, one of the co-founders of Race Against Blood Cancer caught up with Natasha Hinde from the Huffington Post.


Check out how Alex and the team were touched by the cancer diagnosis of a close friend and the ambition of Race Against Blood Cancer to give every blood cancer patient an equal chance of surviving, thanks to finding a potentially lifesaving donor match.

Read the article – Race Against Blood Cancer: The Charity Giving Ethnic Minorities The Power To Save Lives

Race Against Blood Cancer gets it down to a ‘tee’ with private launch party at the Shropshire Golf Course

Race Against Blood Cancer gets it down to a ‘tee’ with private launch party!

On Friday 10th July, The Shropshire Golf club will host 100 golfers in the day and 250 guests in the evening, for the private launch of Race Against Blood Cancer.

The event is invitation only and is being attended by close friends and family of the team involved with setting it up. As part of the evening’s entertainment is a DJ, live singer, silent auction and quiz with some great prizes on offer.

The team will also look to use the opportunity to raise awareness of the shortage of stem cell and bone marrow donors from various ethnic groups and to encourage those in attendance to register on the night as a potential donor. A huge thanks to everyone who has helped with the planning of the event, in particular Joe Bates for leading the charge & Matt Lea for organising the golf day.

Please keep a look out for the photos and an update on how it all goes.

Race Against Blood Cancer gets it down to a ‘tee’ with private launch party at the Shropshire Golf Course

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