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ACLT Donor Drive at Global Radio Headquarters in London

ACLT Donor Drive at Global Radio Headquarters in London

On Saturday 14th March, five of the Race Against Blood Cancer team supported the Afro-Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT) at a donor registration drive, commemorating the 28th birthday of the ACLT founder’s son, Daniel De-Gale.

The drive was held at Global Radio Headquarters in Leicester Square. Energy was high throughout the day, with a regular flow of potential donors, with a few hundred people registering on the day.

A huge shout out to Beverley and Orin De-Gale, along with the rest of ACLT crew. They ran an incredibly well organized event and they continue to inspire us all, with their tirelessly commitment to fighting blood cancer. We thank and admire them for their continued efforts.

Below are some pictures from the day.

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