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Race Against Blood Cancer

Race Against Blood Cancer supports Flagz Mas Band

Last Sunday Race Against Blood Cancer held a donor drive supporting Flagz Mas Band at Wandsworth Arts Fringe in London, where the team worked hard to sign up more potential lifesaving donors to the blood stem cell register.

We would like to thank all those that showed up to register and to the organisers for allowing us to pitch up and engage with the community. We would also like to give a special thanks to the work of our team members Alex Morrison and Lenah Lang who continue to help those people needing lifesaving transplants.

RABC at Flagz Mas Band

Google tops off a successful May for the Community Engagement Team

May was a busy month for the Community Engagement team in London with various donor drives including one at Flagz Carnival in Croydon and at Soul’d Out in Central London.

The busy month was topped off with a drive at Google’s Tottenham Court Road offices on 30th May. Despite being during half term, Alex and his team managed to register 100 new potential donors.

With only 20 registrations by 1PM, the team took fate in their hands and went desk to desk. They were overwhelmed with the willingness and interest of Googlers to help the cause and have already arranged a second donor drive in the same location at the end of August!

Race Against Blood Cancer would like to give a special thanks to Sam Smith for organising the drive, Googlers for their interest in the cause and to Alex Kiffin who volunteered at all Race Against Blood Cancer drives in May.


Team at Flagz Carnival




If you would like to organise a donor drive or volunteer for us, please contact us at donordrives@raceagainstbloodcancer.com

An explosion of beats, colours and dancers at the Flagz Mas Band Carnival party

An explosion of Soco beats, carnival dancers and colourful feathered costumes surrounded the Race Against Blood Cancer team as they took their donor registration drive to the Flagz Mas Band Carnival party on Sunday.

Beats, dancers and colours set the scene for the team’s donor drive at the Flagz Mas Carnival event at BoxPark in Shoreditch on Sunday 13th March.

Curiosity as to who we are and what we we’re doing split out of the carnival, with our team driving 91 people of all different ages, races and faces to donate in just under four hours.

Community outreach member Hayley Mills carefully explained to new donors that the most common misconception is that donating stem cells at the drive is a painful, or medical procedure, reiterating that the most torturous part is in fact the paperwork:

“It’s simple, everyone thinks it’s really scary, and we are going to stick something inside your arm, we are definitely not, we are not trained medical professionals, all it simply is is a swab.

“The longest piece of it is filling in a form, which is your doctors information and your ethnic mix, which we can help you with.”

A donor was drawn to donate for the first time because of the #Match4Tommy campaign, likening the gesture to the importance of helping a younger family member.

He said: “If I had a little brother, I would want to help him out, it took 2 minutes, it was painless, I felt kind of silly for a little while, but I knew the cause was good so I went for it.

Finding the process speedy and simple, he encouraged others to understand that a little amount of your time could save a life.

Continuing: “Try and save a little boy’s life, just doing a swab goes a long way.”

Race Against Blood Cancer community manager Alex was thrilled with how many donors the team managed to get in such a short space of time.

He said: “It was a fantastic day, we signed up 91 people in total, which was absolutely brilliant, thank you to everyone who came down and continues to support the charity and #Match4Vithiya and #Match4Tommy.

We have many drives upcoming, including one on the 19th of March over at Global Radio, where we are going to continue the search.”

See below a collection of photos from the day.

Race Against Blood Cancer at Flagz Carnival

Couple Registering as Potential Life Savers

Recruiting donors at Flagz Carnival

Swabbing is Easy at BoxPark Shoreditch

Organisers getting the crouds going at Flagz Carnival

Ben Registering a new donor

Fun for All at FlagzCarnival

Signing Up New Stem Cell Donors
Girls Filling in Registration Forms

Dancers at Flagz Carnival

Alex Morrison Increasing Awareness at Flagz Carnival

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