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Raising more awareness on Blood Cancer on 22/23 January

Race Against Blood Cancer will be raising more awareness this month as the team head to Telford to take part in various local events, including a Park Run on Saturday 23rd.

We will be interacting with the amazing students and staff at Telford College of Arts and Technology (TCAT) on Friday 22nd January. A donor drive will come after a week-long awareness program where students and staff will have discussed the issue of blood cancer as well as its cure. It will be an opportunity for students and staff to learn more about how they can help make a difference by joining the charity and/or sign up as a potential lifesaving donor.

The Race Against Blood Cancer team are looking forward to this event at TCAT and the college has already shown great support to the charity by nominating it as of the their official charities for 2016.

Following the lively events on Friday, the team will then be starting early on Saturday 23rd where they will be taking part in the Telford Town Park Run which will start at 9AM sharp. The team will also be present at the finish line allowing runners, walkers, family and friends to learn more about Race Against Blood Cancer and sign up as donors.

In order to show support and make the most of the event, the team asks that all runners or walkers wear a red t-shirt. And for those who would like to sign up, please simply register here.

Don’t let the running get you down, remember that no matter how slow you go, you will still be lapping everyone on the couch! And some of our team intend to walk too. So get up early, bring your friends and come join us on Saturday 23rd at 9AM to start your day fresh.


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