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What we do

What we do

Race Against Blood Cancer is a non-profit charity whose goal it is to increase the volume and diversity of people who register as potentially life-saving donors.

Who we are

We are a group of individuals based in the UK, US, Middle East and Asia, who are united by the devastating news of a close friend’s blood cancer diagnosis.

Race Against Blood Cancer Team
Amazing day at the City of Angels Fun Ride with Race Against Blood Cancer & Delete Blood Cancer

His brave, ongoing battle has inspired us to join the fight to give our friend and others like him the best possible chance of surviving blood cancer.

Together we aim to make a real difference, identifying the challenges and solutions to help build a better, more inclusive system by leveraging our combined corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit expertise in sports, entertainment, digital media marketing, event management, information technology and finance.

If you want to join our team of volunteers, then please get involved & help us raise awareness & drive bone marrow donor registers.

Our mission

Blood cancer research has made remarkable progress in recent years but there is more to be done. In fact, a cure lies in our hands and the formula is simple: Donors save lives.

Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of people from minority groups – whether defined by race, ethnicity or gender – which are vastly underrepresented on the donor registry as stem cell or bone marrow donors.

We can and will save lives by recruiting more minority donors. Our key priorities ensure that we will work to eliminate barriers to registration such as misconceptions about blood cancer, lack of information and confusion about the sign-up process.

Our approach

Race Against Blood Cancer advocates an innovative approach and a global outlook. By doing things differently, we take new routes in order to make a real impact.

Our combined professional know-how and dedication means we’re able to harness the power of new media platforms and communication technology to help maximise the number of registered donors. A fundamental step is raising awareness on the issue of donor shortages and lack of diversity in order to overcome the barrier of misinformation.

Everybody has the power to save lives. We aim to educate as well as foster engagement through our activities by eliminating any fears or misconceptions, as well as simplifying the donor procedure.

Where the money goes

Race Against Blood Cancer invests in and organises a number of initiatives in order to raise awareness of the cause and drive donor registrations.

Fundraising forms for our Race Against Blood Cancer e vents
Fundraising forms for our Race Against Blood Cancer events

Throughout the coming months these will include:

  • Donor drive program across UK and US – engaging with key local communities, educational and corporate institutions
  • Publishing awareness materials (information kits, social media content)
  • Awareness-driving advertising campaigns

To be kept up to date on what we’re up to, join our mailing list or take a look at our latest news. Alternatively, you can donate financially, get involved in the many events we run or join the donor register.

Join the donor register

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